Unlock Your Potential

With over 3,000 years of wisdom from the ancient mystery school tradition

Know Who You Are

Above the entrance to the doors of the ancient mystery schools, you would find the words "Temet Nosce" or "Nosce Te Ipsum" or "Know Thyself."  This is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves because it is also one of the most common ways that we hold ourselves back. We create belief structures that are inherently limiting. They don't serve us or the people around us. And so... if these beliefs are creating limitation... What is the most empowering belief we can have around our identity? I encourage you to take some time to contemplate... beyond your given name, work titles, hobbies, sporting pursuits... Who are you?

Know Your Purpose

What are you here to do? Consider all of the experiences,  challenges, and struggles that you've had to overcome. What unique learnings have you had on your journey? What problems have you solved that no one else has solved? How do others experience you differently than anyone else? What comes easy to you?  In what ways can you grow?  What would take it to the next level?

Walk Your Path

We can only learn so much by reading books, contemplating, meditating and observing others. To reach our full potential, at some point we must take action and have our direct experience.  Are you taking action in your life? What are you learning through your actions?  Does it feel like arduous, hard work or does it feel more like play?

Overcome Obstacles

Running into obstacles is a part of life. Do you know anyone that has made their way through life without any sort of challenge? If we can approach the challenges in our life in the right way, they can serve as the greatest fuel for our progression and learning. It behooves us to continue to expand our capacity and fortify ourselves so that we can be ready for what lies ahead. For many of us, our biggest obstacle lies in the mind. And this is exactly why we begin with meditation. We must learn how to move past the part of the mind that keeps us from doing what we actually want.


Rob Alexander

I invite you to an exploration of over 3,000 years of wisdom from the ancient mystery schools contemplating these questions and the mysteries of life. With a background in technology sales and business development, I'll be your Guide in bringing these teachings into all aspects of your life. I'm passionate about creating impact and transformation... and these are the best tools that I've come across to do so. I thought I would find this in my pursuits to become a medical doctor, a military intelligence officer, professional tennis player, wellness entrepreneur, and in Silicon Valley with corporate technology. After many years studying with the mystery school, I can see that they have the needed keys for each of us to unlock our potential and live the life of our highest Joy. My role is to be your Guide on this journey to receive this wisdom, apply it in your life, and experience the fruits for yourself... "Grounded Wisdom" manifested in the physical. Together, let's create the world that we all want to live in.

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