There are certain principles, that if we choose to live by them, will support us and those around us in being at our very best. The reason that these principles work is because they are aligned with reality.  This is actually one of our biggest challenges.  When we accept, acknowledge and behave in accordance with reality, we're able to do amazing things like launch a rocket ships into space. We're able to create seemingly "miraculous" healing in the body.

Similarly there are principles that allow us to be at our best in working together as a team.  Most people would agree that it would be very challenging to truly survive on our own.  We choose to live in society, work together, distribute the effort required to survive and establish agreements so that we can live a better life.  Decisions big and small all have some sort of effect on the whole.  And so, in order to live in harmony with each other, we establish certain rules, principles and agreements. 

As we study and apply such principles, it's important to recognize that the natural state of the world is disharmony (or "entropy" or "chaos"). This is true for all of us.  And there are also many ways of being that might seem good on the surface, but actually end up creating more distortion and illusion. We must learn to recognize these behaviors, so that we don't unintentionally corrupt our the good things we are trying to create.  To create harmony, we work to gain clarity around the correct behaviors and embody them with discipline and consistency. We establish principles to guide our behaviors to help us to be at our best and work together to create high performance teams and organizations.  

At Grounded Wisdom, we strive for clarity around the principles that create greatness in individuals, teams and organizations... and what it takes to embody them so they become "second nature". Below I offer some questions, principles and teachings from high level teachers so that you can contemplate the potential for you to step into even more of your greatness.

You Are Not Perfect the Way You Are - Dave Lanyon

Essential Principles for the Warrior of Light - Dave Lanyon

A Selection of Lama Dondrup Dorje Rinpoche's Teachings as used by His Students for Daily Meditation